Guild Trip charges an annual non-refundable membership fee of CAD $200. This fee entitles you to feature and, if you choose, sell your craft from your personal Artisan Gallery Page on GuildTrip.com. The Artisan Gallery Page can also be used to communicate personal Studio hours and location.

Guild Trip charges an additional non-refundable one-time start-up fee of CAD $150.

We support and encourage artisans of all Guilds so they can continue to create. 100% of fees from craft purchased on Guild Trip go directly to our artisans.​

Guild Trip is a curated site and acceptance is not guaranteed. We welcome artisans to apply again with a new portfolio of work.


Are you ready to join our global collective of exceptional artisans? We invite you to take the next step and apply to become a Guild Trip member.

You will be guided to fill out an application. Every effort will be made to reply to your application within a 2-week period.

Thank you for your interest.