Our Vision

Come Explore The World Through Our Eyes

At Guild Trip, we appreciate the beauty in our surroundings and we sense the wonder and magic in everyday objects, especially those being crafted by hand.

We want to create a community that nurtures emerging crafters and supports established artisans, here at GuildTrip.com and through visiting our artisans in studios around the world.

About Guild Trip

Celebrate Craft Here

▪ We connect our curated global collective of artisans to Collectors and Appreciators of fine craft.

▪ We bring together lovers of craft who acknowledge the beauty embedded in handmade objects and the value of collecting and appreciating artisanal work.

▪ We support and encourage artisans of all Guilds so they can continue to create. 100% of fees from craft purchased on Guild Trip go directly to our artisans.

▪ We celebrate the journey of discovery and exploration. We make it easy for World Travellers to locate and visit our artisans in their studios.

▪ We acknowledge the importance of history and tradition in craft.

Exceptional Artisans

Authentic + Unique Craft

Guild Trip is a global collective of exceptional artisans who are crafting pieces that reflect their view of the world. They share a strong sense of place and have dedicated their lives to their craft.

Guild Trip encompasses both the contemporary and traditional, giving a place to all artisans to present their creations to the world.

I’m very excited to be part of this journey as Guild Trip launches and grows whilst finding its place in the world. Whether you support our artisans through GuildTrip.com or visit their studios on your travels, I know you will discover exceptional craft to make your home beautifully handmade.

People collect art and craft for different reasons, and yet there is something that ties us together. We are appreciators of beauty. We are citizens of the world. We see value in the experiences of others. We are a community of people with shared values, and together we can help mold the world we want to live in.

May Guild Trip continually inspire you to make your future handmade, one piece at a time.

- Carrie Ross

Founder + CEO